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 Kentuckyana Jones The “Extreme” Treasure Hunter

Kentuckyana Jones, usually nicknamed “Tuck” for short, is the “go to guy” when seeking out unusual artifacts of historical significance and original items of interest. Tuck brings together likeminded people from all across America who desire to exchange, barter, or sell their unique artifacts, original artwork, antique cars and just about any item of value on national television or privately behind closed doors.

Tuck is a passionate supporter of those dedicated people who have valiantly served in the United State Armed Forces. He honors America’s bravest by generously donating all his acquired treasures to Veteran’s Soil Project – a project honoring America’s fallen heroes by planting and growing hundreds of Living Memorial Trees spawned from collected soil where our veteran’s heroes now rest. The gathering of sacred soil will be directed to Tucks’ museum, to be maintained, at a dignified, and specific honorable place on the grounds. Once completing soil gathering from all 50 states the project will culminate with the veterans soil living memorial trees being planted on Americas governors’ locations grounds, and ultimately on the White House lawn. Visit: www.veteranssoilproject.com to follow the journey.

Appearing with Barry Weiss, the eccentric collector from the A&E series “Storage Wars”, Tuck can also be seen in the new hit series “Barry’d Treasure”, also on A&E. Enjoy the journey. Watch Barry and Tuck in “Kentuckyana Jones and The Emperors Vessel”, along with other TBA segments, all season long, on “Barry’d Treasure”.Tuck can be seen on various shows, in appearances, related to Veterans causes, and Treasure related themes. Tuck is currently filming on his on show series, Kentuckyana Jones, The Extreme Treasure Hunter,” Honors Veterans”…  Tuck best describes this series show as “Treasure Hunting with The Greatest of Causes’,  which is to Honor and Support “Our Truest Heroes”, our Veterans!!! This new series ultimately utilizes Tucks treasure searches, and acquisitions, across all 50 states, as Tuck says as a tool……The’ Tool is the elite treasures, which intrigue all ages, in the seeking , and acquiring of museum pieces, yet these treasures are simply a tool to hook our fellow Americans in to the 2nd half of each of our series show, which is where we Honor and stand for our Veterans in our 8 phase mission, via the Veterans Soil Project, click here for more info. Veterans Soil Project

Tuck and his film production Road crew, “Team Tuck”, as well as his recently added, Talented musical road team, “Team Musical Tuck”, will be across America , filming season 2 of their Extreme Treasure Hunter, “Honors Veterans” series, at a town near you, as they stop in and perform in major venues along their filming journey pathway!! Team Tuck just completed the 2014 road film, and show series, wrapping up, as the key guest celebrity group for 4 days at the Daytona International 500 speedway, sprint fan zone, Salute to the Troops, via the Daytona Turkey Run, (VeteransSoilProject.com), which was welcomed with huge crowds , throughout the 4 day event………Tuck states: “We thoroughly enjoyed performing, giving Our Truest Heroes speeches daily, as well as our musical shows, treasure hunt giveaways, treasure exhibits, and most importantly, our dedication ceremonies all day, at the sprint fan zone stage, and throughout Florida, filming at cemeteries, and in the homes of Our Truest Heroes, honoring their legacies”!!!!

To book, or meet “Team Tuck” or schedule a dedication ceremony or event, as the thumbs up road show journeys through your area filming, you may contact us via Kentuckyanajones@yahoo.com


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