Press Release


  Kentuckyana Jones, aka Tuck, “The Extreme Treasure Hunter”, & his privately held , entity controlling corporation, group of investors, has announced that a deal has been reached,  between their diverse,  Entertainment,Production & Marketing Group, Stmca llc, & the All Access Entertainment Television Group…..

   Access Entertainment TV, is a multi faceted,  Entertainment Production  Group, structured out of California, & Florida, with Private Investors , from across the Southeast, & its Principal Controlling Partner, Todd Colbert, directing the vision, & direction of the Company…Access, likewise, announces & confirms that a deal has been reached & inked between the two entities…..

   After much negotiation, between the two entities , the essentials , off the top of the deal are as follows….

   Access Entertainment TV ,well known ,for its Sports Related TV Channels, as well as,  its Extreme Sports Related developed shows, & its recent expansions into the Pay Per View Entertainment Venues, expressed the initial interest to the Kentuckyana Jones Entertainment entities!  Kentuckyana Jones , aka Tuck, & their  corporation , are well  known for their Global, EXTREME Treasure Search & FIND, Museum level Treasure, & related,  documented series shows , as well as their passionate advocacy for as they state, “Our Nations Finest”, The VETERANS of AMERICA…& their groups of shows, supporting this cause!

    Ultimately,  the brief of the deal, is that Access corp. & Jones Corp, Stmca,llc, have completed  a deal, together that will, in their opinions ,Tremendously benefit both, of their Entertainment Market TV,  Positions.. of which ACCESS has transferred with full release & control one of its closely held , established Television Channels, on the Roku/T.W , Platform, World Streaming Division., to Stmca llc, aka Kentuckyana Jones….In return for an undisclosed amount value &  percentage of the  Holdings, Primarily consisting of ongoing past, as well as a new future,  releasing,  diverse group of, multiple series shows that Kentuckyana Jones group has developed too completion !
   Todd Colbert, of All Access, states :” We are very excited about the deal reached , & believe that both Private Entertainment Groups , will be able to aggressively move forward , & capitalize on a well structured Market Approach , that allows each of our entities to better position ourselves,  too grow our independent, established TV BRANDS…yet , while also complimenting & supporting each other in ongoing special event venues planned”….

   Tuck Jones, also states, ” we consider this deal a “”Win Win”, as we both,  are in a ” give & take”,  agreement, of which each party has a desire & need for,  parts of what the other controls, a true compliment & aggressive Growth Approach…, The ultimate end result being,  we now can Control,  the entirety of our Channels show content, & also allow any, & all related shows, & series, in the arena of very interesting ,historical, & fun,  World Museum & Treasure Hunts& related shows,+ Patriotic Veteran,& First Responder content shows, & many family oriented ,offerings of other Channel content, including our TBA “Triple Crown, You Too , Can  be a Treasure Hunter Contest , & shows… Plus, we are excited about our Teaming up with Access Entertainment in the PAY PER VIEW arena…””  JONES,  also states” anyone that knows us, as well as knows Access Entertainment ,  and our  partners,plus our  investment groups approaches, will know that they better “FASTEN THEIR SEAT BELTS”, for what they,  as a VIEWING & FAN , AUDIENCE are about too experience, beginning this FALL 2017..TBA. The renaming of the Channel , as well as new, multiple series of  shows of  our own , &  other groups of very interesting series shows also TBA……. Watch Social Media… I, Would like too personally express my Thanks to  John Charles Grigg , (also a partner in  ACCESS Entertainment TV), for his dedicated work as a liaison, between both parties, in negotiating & bringing this deal together!


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